Principal Investigator: Chelsea Morroni, MPH, MPhil, PhD, MBChB, DTM&H, DFSRH

Study Objectives:

The aim of this research is to refine a ‘standard instrument’ (in English and other language versions) by testing it in a variety of demographic cross-sections of the general population (e.g. older persons, persons in rural areas), worldwide. The ‘global applicability’ of this instrument will be determined by this research.

Study Design:

This protocol is intended to determine the global applicability of a survey instrument designed to assess sexual health-related practices, behaviours, and outcomes. The complete process consists of several steps:

  1. Localize instruments – the survey will be translated into Setswana
  2. First round of cognitive interviewing – 24-32 interviews will be conducted
  3. Revise instrument - revisions will take place based on the findings not only from a single site but also through a comparison of findings across sites.
  4. Second round cognitive interviewing (as/if needed)

Finalize instrument - data will be analysed at country level and then across countries

Study Population & Sample size:

24-32 participants will be recruited, male and female, aged >= 15 years of age and above. The sample size described above is an estimation of the number of interviews required to reach data saturation. A general practice is for cognitive interviews to be conducted in iterative rounds of 5-15 [9], as is specified in this protocol. Factoring in the complexities of comparing findings across countries, the sample size increases. As such, each site protocol (per specifications below) will have a total cognitive interview sample size of between 34-62 (24-32 from first round CIs, an additional 20 for an optional specific population group, as well as 10 additional for an optional round 2). With 20 study sites envisioned, globally, total sample size of cognitive interviews will be between 680-1240, which is in line with similar CCCI studies which have been conducted.[13]

Study duration: 6 months

Study Results: Study is on-going and no results yet.


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